April Reading Roundup


It’s that time again! Yes, you know it – April reading roundup!! I’m going to just cut to the chase on this one because I’m short on time.

  • American Prince by Sierra Simone – 5/5 stars! Sierra Simone has done it again with the second installment of American Queen. I loved every minute of this book – and I can’t wait for the third! American Prince gives Embry a voice and a past as we follow two timelines similar to the first book. Greer gets several chapters as well, and it picks off immediately with what the first left off on. I loved the expansion of the dynamic between the three lovers; their story is heartbreaking but magnetic. I am crossing my fingers for some Ash POV in the next one!
  • Imperfect Truth by Ava Harrison – 4/5 stars. I thought this story was a romance when I first began to read – unhappy marriage, attractive other man that lures the wife in – but I quickly realized that this was a different kind of story. While the prose was chunky and clipped in some places and there were several typos, I still found myself sucked in through the end. I yelled at Ava in my head at first, but it was truly because I didn’t see the twist coming, and once it did, it made sense to me. The ending was bittersweet and perfect for Ava – this was a story of self healing, of putting yourself first, and of having the courage to see your own imperfections.
  • Dead Letters by Caite Dolan-Leach – 3/5 stars. This was one of my Book of the Month picks for March that I finally got around to reading in April. It was a tough one to rate, with its rampantly unlikable characters and raging alcoholism, but it was intriguing to the very end. It follows Ava and Zelda, two twins who are both very different but similar in their seeming inability to hold a normal human relationship. Zelda dies in a barn fire, or appears to, and leaves Ava a string of letters as clues – and the entire book the reader, and Ava, are left wondering – is Zelda really dead? Read my full (longggg) review here on Goodreads.
  • Bad Things by R. K. Lilley – 2/5 stars. I really wanted to like this book; it had all the premise of being the perfect escapism romance novel but about a quarter of the way in, I realized it wasn’t going to be that for me. I trudged on, hoping for a payoff, and unfortunately never got one due to the way the story ended. It follows Danika, a 21 year old trope-y romance lead who is beautiful, smart, sassy, and in shape because of her “dancing” despite never actually dancing. And then there’s Tristan, who is the epitome of “bad boy” – tats, a bad mouth, a seedy past of women and booze and drugs. The two meet and, ultimately, fall in love, but the whole story is riddled with sexism, drunken partying, and way too much unrealistic sex. I’m sorry Lilley, I just couldn’t get down with this. I’d be totally open to read another one of her books though, because she really is an innovative and expressive storyteller, but only one that doesn’t follow the “bad boy” trope.
  • Some Sort of Crazy by Melanie Harlow – 5/5 stars. Melanie Harlow is a favorite of mine, and I’d been sitting on Some Sort of Crazy for awhile now because I picked it up on sale. It follows her familiar formula, but this time, the female lead, Natalie, is already in a relationship that’s terrible, and she is already friends with the male lead, Miles, has known her for the better part of their lives. After finding out the (unsurprising) truth about her almost-fiance, their relationship goes up in flames and she finds her way to Miles for some pretty damn awesome sex. Of course there are bumps in the road – but Natalie and Miles get their happily ever after. Le sigh.

That’s it for now, folks! I’ve already got a couple under my belt for this month, so I should have a pretty substantial roundup for next month. ❤


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