March Reading Roundup

Hey lovers! Hope I’m catching you at a good time – I’ve decided to do a small roundup of my March readings, the idea shamelessly stolen from my bff and actual editor Jordan who does similar posts. My intention is to put into words the way I felt about my reads, and to direct you towards them so you can experience them, too. 😉


  • Fake Fiancée by Ilsa Madden-Mills – 5/5 stars. This was a new-to-me author and I was truly pleasantly surprised. The premise is about a girl with a few secrets about her past having a run-in with the star quarterback of their shared college. In line for the prestigious Heisman award, he gets the idea to have her pose as his fake girlfriend…that later turns into his fake-fiancee. The story was cute and sweet; a genuine modern-day fairy tale. If you’re looking for a strong female lead and a steamy guy, this is a great option.
  • On the Way to Simple by Jennifer Acres – 5/5 stars. Jennifer Acres is a new YA/NA romance author that captured my attention from the first page. The story begins with a young woman named Dakota who is helplessly in love with her childhood best friend, Alex, yet she refuses to give into her feelings because loving him isn’t part of her life’s “plan”. Dakota is one of those people that lives life from afar – to her, it’s safer, something she can control. But when Alex makes a choice that fractures their friendship, Dakota finds herself falling for someone else, and over the course of several years, we watch Dakota grow from a scared girl into a strong woman. This is a wonderful tale of friendships, grief, love, family, and overcoming fears, and I highly recommend it!
  • She Laughs in Pink by Jessica Calla – 5/5 stars. I heard of Jessica Calla through Jennifer Acres – their banter on Twitter drew me in at first, and then the synopsis of She Laughs in Pink sold me. It’s a wonderful romance, filled with vibrant, colorful characters that feel real and seemingly jump off the page. I loved getting to know Juliet, a ballet dancer who follows her high school crush to college and along the way running into Chase, our rugged and troubled hero. Sparks fly between them, and the chemistry is off the charts!
  • American Queen by Sierra Simone – 5/5!!!!! stars. I really had no coherent words after reading this – I had what readers call a “book hangover”. I devoured this book in less than a day, reading late into the night and finding myself unable to stop. Are there words to describe a book that actually guts you and picks you back up again, multiple times? This was easily my best read of the year. Sierra Simone has somehow tapped into your darkest fantasies without you even knowing they were fantasies at all. That’s how fucking good she is! Definitely recommend for those looking for a darker romance, but it’s not for the faint of heart!

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